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Our Trees

Our Christmas trees are a purpose-grown crop specifically intended for harvest. Your choice of a fresh-cut tree continues the natural cycle of planting, nurturing, and harvesting trees. We grow them for YOU – to kick off the season of hope, joy and love.

Christmas tree production takes 7 to 10 years to get a tree ready to be cut and sold. We use 4-year-old seedlings that are purchased from the highly respected Berkey Nursery in Spartanburg, PA. Berkey’s seedlings and transplants are known for their genetic superiority and quality.

Planting of the seedlings happens each spring with a lot of hard labor, hired help and subject to weather conditions. If not done using the proper methods, a seedling will not survive beyond its first few years.

We opened our fields to live tree-cutting for the first time last year. On average, a healthy tree grows a foot a year, which means this year, we have many more trees available in the 6 foot and up range. There are a number of trees in excess of 8 feet but come early if a tall tree is important to you.

Selecting a real Christmas tree is a memorable experience that creates traditions. Start your own new tradition! Make your Christmas special with the selection of your live tree from Rockhouse Ridge.

Single xmas tree
About Christmas tree farm

Rockhouse ridge Farm

Roxie and Clem purchased the original farm that had 15 acres of mostly wooded land in 1998. The barn included a large chicken coop which was quickly put into use the following spring. We have been providing natural eggs from free-range hens ever since. We have a self-help, honor system stand on the porch where customers purchase eggs, honey, maple syrup and other products at their convenience.

We began working and clearing the land to plant Christmas trees when we acquired 50 acres of adjacent land in 2002. Since the spring of 2014, a crop of 1,300 to 1,500 trees per year have been planted. Currently, there are between 8,000 – 9,000 trees on about 10 acres. We do not use pesticides or herbicides on our trees and fields. This is important to the bees, too!

In 2012, Roxie took a course in beekeeping and started with her first two hives that spring. It is a labor of love that has grown to 10 hives in the last couple of years. Beekeeping requires a lot of time, knowledge, and understanding. For those interested in taking up this agricultural pursuit, Roxie is happy to share what she knows, but strongly recommends taking the Hampden County Beekeeper’s Association classes which are offered every January.

We strive to offer the most natural and organic products as possible to our customers.  No herbicides or pesticides are used anywhere on the property because of the bees. We take personal pride in caring for each of the Christmas trees we grow, stopping to admire it's beauty, and wonder... is the year you get to be selected, decorated and the center of attention?  

Bees & Honey

Roxie is the beekeeper and started keeping bees in 2012 with two hives. Beekeeping is an expensive start-up and there are a lot of environmental factors working against you. After the first few years of learning about hive management and losing hives before the next spring, it became clear that to be successful, more hives were needed. Currently, there are 10 hives. Hopefully, there will be 10 hives next spring, but statistically, we should expect less than half of them to survive.

Depending on the season, and particularly nectar flow, honey stores will directly correlate to the amount of honey collected for extraction. In 2020, it was extremely dry and the yield did not result in high quantities of honey. There was also a negative impact on hive health that year. Ironically, in 2021 it was just the opposite and very wet. However, the nectar flow from the end of July through August was impacted and again, the amount of honey collected was low, but the hive health was favorably stronger.

Again, this year, we are able to offer 1- and 2-pound jars of honey. However, larger sizes will not be available due to the limited amount produced.

People often ask what the difference is between the colors of honey. It is directly related to the sources of nectar the bees visit during the season. Early honey is very light and the flavor is generally sweeter and bouquet-ish. The color darkens throughout the season with the fall honey being considerably darker and bolder in flavor. If you are looking for honey to assist with allergies, we generally recommend selecting from the season that causes you to suffer the most.

Our Chickens & Eggs

We maintain a flock of approximately 40-60 chickens.  Usually, there is a small percentage of hens that are over a year. However, this year, the flock is 100% under a year old. We order 17-week-old pullets from Burr Farm in Connecticut each year. This breed is known for large brown eggs and hens that lay consistently well for 2+ years. Half of the grain they eat is organic and half is standard grain for egg layers. They also get regular daily treats that consist of vegetable scraps, garden spoilage, and their absolute favorite, homemade bread.

They have a large indoor space with 2 huge bay windows and are also allowed to roam outside, but that must be under supervision as the is no protection from land or air predators.

Directions to Rockhouse Ridge Farm, Huntington, MA
(Highways and main roads; GPS may suggest shorter routes)

From Mass Pike Exit 41:
Proceed to Rte 10
Left on Rte 10 for 2¾ m (Cumberland Farms intersection)
Left on North Rd for 3 m
Right on Montgomery Rd for 6.3
Farm is on Left

From Route 91 N/S:
Exit 12 / Ingleside Mall
Left if coming from 91N; Right if coming from 91S
Right on Homestead Ave for 1 m
Left on Rte 202 for 4¼  m
Straight onto North Rd for 3 m (Cumberland Farms intersection)
Right on Montgomery Rd for 6.3
Farm is on Left

From Route 66W:
Follow Rte 66 to end/Rte 112
Left onto Rte 112 for 2 m
Left on Montgomery Rd for ½ m
Farm is on Right

The Farmers &
Farm History




Agricultural background

Roxie grew up with an agricultural background. Her grandfather was a mid-sized dairy farmer in Western New York and she spent summers with family and cousins helping in the barns, fields and haying. Roxie grew up in a family that always had a very large vegetable garden and was taught food preservation at an early age. While growing up, her parents had a small farm in Southampton, and she had the experiences of being involved in raising cows, chickens, geese, pigs, goats and she was also responsible for the full care of her own horse. 



Christmas Tree Farmer

Clem’s grandfather (Leo Pin) had a Christmas tree farm in South Hadley and Clem grew up helping Leo maintain the farm. As a teenager, Clem ran equipment, learned mechanical maintenance, acquired knowledge about tree care, and much more under the tutelage of his grandfather.

In 1981, Roxie and Clem met. Roxie began working together with Clem and Leo on the Christmas tree farm for several seasons before Leo passed away in 1985. While Roxie & Clem had the opportunity to live in that farmhouse and tend to the Christmas trees for 2 years, they were too young and had limited financial resources to purchase the property. The dream of having their own farm meant building their own resources and starting anew. 

Things fell into place in 1998 when Roxie and Clem found and purchased the 15-acre farm in Huntington. In 2002, the dream of creating and operating a Christmas tree farm on an even larger scale became a real opportunity when the adjacent property consisting of 50 acres was acquired. 

2021 Shopping Hours


Open to Public – No Dogs
November 26-28  Friday-Sunday, 
10:00-4:00 (must be here by 3:30 for cut-your-own)

December Weekends, Saturday & Sunday until sold out
10:00-4:00 (must be here by 3:30 for cut-your-own)


In addition to the hours above, we are generally available during the week for customers to make selections from the pre-cut display.
Honk or ring the doorbell if we don't come out and you need assistance.

Christmas Trees Prices & Services

All prices include tax
Tree Species: Balsam Fir, Blue Spruce

Choose & Cut Live Trees:
7' plus - $75
3.5’ plus - $65.00
Table Top (under 3.5’) - $40.00 

Pre-Cut Local Trees:
Individually Priced $40.00 - $85.00

Live Potted:

Ample parking, saws provided, net wrapping, twine and assistance loading 

Weekday Scheduled Appointments 45 minutes;  No Walk-ins

Monday-Friday, November 29-December 3
10:15; 11:00; 11:45; 12:30; 1:00


Other appointment times available by request.

Dogs welcome during weekday appointments; must be leashed



  • 1 lb jar - $10.00
  • 2 lb jar - $18.00


  • $3.50/dozen


Eggs & Honey available on porch – self-serve; daylight hours

Pre-cut trees Fraser Fir

In the range of 6-9” will be available at the farm base. These come from Worthington where we purchased pre-cut trees for the last 2 years. Our customer base reported back great satisfaction with these trees – in particular, we received strong positive feedback about how long they stayed fresh and lasted. One tree was kept up into late-February because that was when the family could finally gather. Indivudually priced $40 - $85

Our own cut-your-own trees Balsam Fir - Canaan Fir - Blue Spruce

Many in the height range of 5-7” are available for cutting in the fields. Many smaller, table-top trees in the 3-4” size are available. We do not allow tagging. No dogs on weekends. $40 - $85

Our own, untrimmed, table-top, live potted trees

These can be replanted in the spring. $30


21 Montgomery Rd
Huntington, MA 01050


413-667-0234 landline