This is our first year of cut-your-own tree sales located on 10+ acres of open land. We will also have pre-cut trees in another large open area spaced 6 feet apart. Since we are just building our customer base, we do not expect large numbers of patrons but, regardless, we are planning for everyone’s safety.

We will advise customers that we reserve the right to deny service to anyone displaying signs of illness or not following farm guidelines.

Face Coverings Required - customers without masks will not be allowed

No Indoor Customer Service or Activities – everything happens outside; no beverages, no snacks

Social Distancing – customers and staff must maintain a space of at least six (6) feet from one another or family groups

Check-in and Parking - Hand Sanitizer will be available at check-in station as customers arrive; customer contact information will be collected upon arrival; customers will be asked a series of brief screening questions and then directed to parking area. Parking will be staggered so that customers are not emerging from vehicles side-by-side or simultaneously.

Signage and Distance Markers – customers will be advised of rules upon arrival; there will be clear signs and directional markers to keep patrons 6 feet apart; one lane and one direction only to payment station; only one member of family units allowed in payment line

Number of Patrons in Pre-Cut Area – Trees will be displayed in stands 6 feet apart. Only one patron or family unit will be allowed in pre-cut sections at a time.

Number of Patrons in the Fields – Massachusetts currently allows 114 people per acre; the trees people will be viewing cover 3 acres. We will not exceed 200 people in the fields. Entrance to fields will be regulated to maintain the proper head count.

Patrons will be handed a small bow saw that will be sanitized in their presence; when they are done, patrons will return the saw which will be promptly wiped down again.

Patrons will be encouraged to transport their trees and secure them to their vehicles on their own to reduce contact. When help is needed, staff will assist keeping 6 foot distances between them and the customers.

Payment will be taken by one person at a sanitized table. Hand sanitizer will be available. Payment methods include contactless options (Venmo, Square) and prices have been set to amounts that require less need to make change; prices also include tax.

Farm staff must:

  • Take temperature upon arrival and pass COVID screening questions
  • Maintain social distancing space of at least six (6) feet from one another, or between family groups
  • Avoid close contact with people who are sick
  • Avoid touching eyes, nose, and mouth
  • Stay home when sick
  • Wash hands frequently
  • Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces; bow saws wiped down when returned and again before handed back out for use